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The ASH project deploys their balloons and works out of the Severe Weather Institute - Radar & Lightning Laboratory (SWIRLL). The team is thankful to have the support and encouragement of the staff. To learn more about SWRILL, click on the link to the left or read below. 


   Officially commissioned in March of 2015, SWIRLL is a core research and teaching facility that houses infrastructure and UAH faculty, staff, and who are involved in many areas of atmospheric and earth science research. After the historic tornado outbreak of April 27-28, 2011that devastated North and Central Alabama, many eyes turned towards weather preparedness and research. That is why the state of Alabama received a $7 million grant dedicated to use state universities for severe weather research. Through this grant, the construction of SWIRLL began.

   SWIRLL was carefully designed to foster research and innovation. From the iconic spiral staircase in the lobby, to the high functioning, working high bay garage, the SWIRLL building features many resources that allow faculty, staff, and students the opportunity for collaboration within the department and within the weather community. Our faculty have a wide variety of interest including severe weather and boundary layer studies, lightning, atmospheric chemistry, radar meteorology, climate studies, GIS/remote sensing, data assimilation/numerical modeling, and tropical cyclones. 

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