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Located in Huntsville Alabama, United States, the Space Hardware Club at the University of Alabama Huntsville, will deploy five super pressure balloons over the course of the winter season.  The balloons are equipped with WSPR tracking equipment with the goal of circumnavigating the globe, sampling the lower Stratosphere, and broadcasting the SHC website. To view the main Space Hardware Club website, click on “SHC Main Site.” To go to a in-depth data visualization site that displays different atmospheric variables and where our balloons have gone, click on “ASH Data Visualization.” To join the adventure and help our club build a global community, please comment below on where you are from and how you heard our balloons, or what you think of the project.

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Any amount will help our club grow to be the best it can be! Thank you! 

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United States

Ron Meadows wrote:

We have been following your flights, keep up the good work.


1 month ago, 2/21/2021

United States

Kelly wrote:

It's been really cool waking up every morning for the past few days to see where K4UAH-4 has been, its current location, and possibly where it's headed. I'm sure if one could hitch a ride, especially this morning, the view would be fantastic of Nepal and its amazing topography. Awesome work to all involved! We can't wait for the remaining launches!

1 month ago, 2/4/2021

United States

Todd wrote:

Balloon is doing really great! Over Africa! The team is very exited.

1 month ago, 2/1/2021

United Kingdom

Ian MM0URN wrote:

Just spotted WB8ELK @12:54 and 13:04 in IN28. Not spotted WB4ELK any time

2 months ago, 1/31/2021


Team Members/ Contributors 

Space Hardware Club Social Media 

Project Lead/ Founder: Todd McKinney - KN4TPG

Server/ Data Visualization: Nick Perlaky - KM4YHI

Backend Developer: Jake Tanda

Social Media: Amy Riggs 

Purchasing and BalloonSat Aid: Jaiden Stark

Ham Radio Aid: Philip Wilkerson - KM4LVC

Advisor/ Mentor: Bev Teter - WB4ELK   

Advisor/ Mentor: Bill Brown - WB8ELK

Advisor/ Mentor: Dr. Mike Newchurch

NOAA Affiliate/ Mentor: Dr. Alice Crawford 


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