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About the Project 

Micro super pressure balloons are being deployed from Neumayer Station III Antarctica.  The balloons are equipped with WSPR tracking equipment with the goal of circumnavigating the Antarctic, sampling the lower Stratosphere, and broadcasting this website. To learn more about our current and past flights, click on the tab "Mission Reports." You can also click on the other tabs to learn more about our supporters and other research. To join the adventure and help us students build a global community, please comment below on where you are from and how you heard our balloons, or what you think of the project.

Any amount will help our club grow to be the best it can be! Thank you! 

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Join the Adventure 


Russian Federation

UB8CMQ wrote:

APRS работает на УРА!

2 years ago, 7/26/2021



Anonymous wrote:

so cool!

- from madagascar

2 years ago, 6/22/2021



Detlef wrote:

Hi, nice site. My superpressures made it from Berlin to Kazakhstan, 7000km. My balloons transmitted in WSPR as well. I'm quite fluent in electronics but I'm not so familiar with the mechanics and physics of the balloon. Can you give a pointer to information about your balloon: type of foil, volume, glued or melted, Helium or Hydrogen etc. .

have fun!
Detlef DD4WV

Schücker DD4WV

2 years ago, 6/7/2021



Ruud Vos wrote:

I was able to receive the ballon in the Netherlands in 20M WSPR...I have a sreenshot but cannot post It here

2 years ago, 5/21/2021


Thanks for your comments!!!

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Presentation at the 2021 Great Plains Super Launch Conference 

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